"The moment we choose to love we begin to move against domination, against oppression. The moment we choose to love we begin to move towards freedom, to act in ways that liberate ourselves and others. That action is the testimony of love as the practice of freedom. " ~ bell hooks

Sarah-Ji is a movement photographer who has been documenting freedom struggles in Chicago since 2010. Sarah’s long term work is to build a world in which prisons and police are not necessary, and no one is disposable. She is the mother of Cadence who refused to be punished since she was a toddler, which eventually led to Sarah’s abolitionist politics. Sarah is a core member of For The People Artists Collective and organizes with Love & Protect. Her main "claim to fame" is having taken more photos of Mariame Kaba (after 2011) and gotten away with it than any other person on earth.